Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me (Audio)

21 Mai 2020
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Music video by Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande performing Rain On Me (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records


    Russel Jane FanerRussel Jane Faner4 dias atrás
  • Lady Gaga I love you love we'll get married I'll give all my diamond stocks to lady gaga

    Elmas Nasıl BulunurElmas Nasıl Bulunur5 dias atrás
  • #BBB21 música tocou na Festa da Líder Sarah!!!

    III III MMIII III MM5 dias atrás
  • Love this music and voice and lyrics⚡⚡

    HARU MHARU M5 dias atrás
  • #PrayforGaga

  • Lady Gaga 911

    P HP H8 dias atrás
  • the composer of this song melody is Dian Rubianti myself.. theme song from Dian Rubianti myself.. "rain on me" by Ariana Grande ft Lady Gaga.. never been sold! still mine! orisinil version.. (the way melody singing)representing the feel of the melody and the way it was sung in creating process this song melody by myself as the only one composer of this song melody.. x

    dian rubiantidian rubianti10 dias atrás
  • I love it so much molly loves you too.

    Sameera PerdomoSameera Perdomo12 dias atrás
  • I love your songs 💖💖💖

    Sucel Alejandra Hernandez AvilaSucel Alejandra Hernandez Avila18 dias atrás
  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    Du NhuDu Nhu20 dias atrás
  • This music is beautiful 😍 Sung by two beautiful women 😍😁

    Música y más!Música y más!28 dias atrás

    o ko kMês atrás
  • This is a song you can sing in the show and act like it's raining

    LunarSpaceLunarSpaceMês atrás

    Raffy Boral SantosRaffy Boral SantosMês atrás

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by NoblesseMês atrás
  • Now that's what I call pure talent!

    CameraMan66CameraMan66Mês atrás
  • rain on me in just dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sebastián Perdomo AcevedoSebastián Perdomo AcevedoMês atrás
  • 💜💜💜💜🧚🏽🧚🏽🧚🏽🧚🏽🧚🏽

    Carlos EstigarribiaCarlos EstigarribiaMês atrás
  • Rocket league music be like:

    ItsurboiItsurboiMês atrás
  • Feels so fresh

  • 😘😍

    Nico HoffNico HoffMês atrás
  • 0:45

    YuhoYuho2 meses atrás
  • Hello, New Year's Eve

    samuel attiassamuel attias2 meses atrás
  • The Beat 92.5

    Samuel AttiasSamuel Attias2 meses atrás
  • 🥰

    Guillermo LimasGuillermo Limas2 meses atrás
  • Just upload a Rain on me cover 🥰

    MednationMednation2 meses atrás
  • A sass

    Massimo MussoniMassimo Mussoni2 meses atrás
  • Who’s watching this video in December 2020?

    Beautiful contentBeautiful content2 meses atrás
  • HAPPY 2021 FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soledade Cantanova de MaioSoledade Cantanova de Maio2 meses atrás
  • Se imaginan? si rain on me tuvo 15 millones de vistas en el audio y en el video 257 millones, cuantas vistas no tendra sour candy en el video oficial si el el audio tuvo mas de 85 millones de vistas!

    Madeline LunaMadeline Luna2 meses atrás
  • ❤️

    C PC P2 meses atrás
  • Hino 😍😍😍😍

    Cristiane Carvalho CrisCristiane Carvalho Cris2 meses atrás
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Cristiane Carvalho CrisCristiane Carvalho Cris2 meses atrás
  • Queen

    xvx badxvx bad3 meses atrás
  • Yaaas

    xvx badxvx bad3 meses atrás
  • I LOVE YOU.................I LOVE YOU

    Orce TataOrce Tata3 meses atrás
  • For a child's understanding. When it rains lightly, you get your ships out of the dry dock. Also nonsense, only when it's really raining, everything is in the river, then water, down the drain...This is troy with fantasy - never an Aramada - just surf with fun...🥱

    Content Emtiness TeacherContent Emtiness Teacher3 meses atrás
  • In my opinion, Dua Lipa would have slayed this song if she was featured.

    lufulufu3 meses atrás
  • Eu amo essa música 😍😍😍 Gaga minha Rainha e Ariana minha princesa 👸🏼👸🏽🌧☔🌈

    Jonathan AnjelinesJonathan Anjelines3 meses atrás
  • Good night

    Sofia MianSofia Mian3 meses atrás
  • Like 🇧🇷 👍

    Valdemir IzaiasValdemir Izaias3 meses atrás
  • I will never forget that day maam

    Alejandro -Alejandro -3 meses atrás
  • WWE Payback and WWE Backlash.

    Sercan ErgulSercan Ergul3 meses atrás
  • coming for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the GRAMMYS

    Kobe SerinasKobe Serinas3 meses atrás
  • LoveLADYGAGA &Ariana Grande❤️

    迫いくみ迫いくみ3 meses atrás
  • 1M✅ 10M✔️ I love this song, friendship and collaboration! Ps: Stan them and Little Mix ofc ♥️

    guadaguada3 meses atrás
  • i love this song ❤

    dayday3 meses atrás
  • Mercado S€XÜAL entre hombres y mujeres ⚤ (diferencias y realidades)♡♥💕😘 #RelacionesdeParejaPolaridad #relacionesdepareja #MujeresInteresadas ¥¥¥¥

    Relaciones de pareja, polaridadRelaciones de pareja, polaridad3 meses atrás
  • Until It Is Sky

    Hasaan GamingHasaan Gaming3 meses atrás
  • tits

    Felix YeungFelix Yeung3 meses atrás
  • Would be better with Ariana only

    Manu KosmosManu Kosmos3 meses atrás
    • Stop getting in women's business 🙄 f4990+

      SylveonSylveon3 meses atrás
  • I l u Lady and Ari ❤❤❤

    VIDEO MUSICvevoVIDEO MUSICvevo3 meses atrás
  • ❤️❤️

    Pratishtha ShreePratishtha Shree3 meses atrás
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  • 15.000.273 visualizaciones

    plolololololooplolololololoo3 meses atrás
  • Alice: Madness Returns ‘Rain on Me’

    Zylice LiddellZylice Liddell3 meses atrás
  • COVID needs to end so I can ice skate to this song.

    Rs232 Rj11Rs232 Rj113 meses atrás
  • lovee

    Martina LucianoMartina Luciano4 meses atrás

    Rabies O.D.Rabies O.D.4 meses atrás
  • Hino

    Apolo SantanaApolo Santana4 meses atrás
  • this song has punched me in the gut so hard i took the time to learn every single move from the music video and to jump out of the car and do it every single time it comes on

    Lizzy ZimmsLizzy Zimms4 meses atrás
  • kung fu fighting

    Jafar KarzounJafar Karzoun4 meses atrás
  • Giving me 2012 nostalgia 🤩

    K HK H4 meses atrás
  • So covid is getting worse and I'm freaking out about it but this song makes me calm down so thanks for to Ariana grande and Lady Gaga 😘😘🥰🥰

    Five Nights at Galaxy'sFive Nights at Galaxy's4 meses atrás
  • I love the song but i think the release date was kind of inappropriate since it was on the bombings anniversary

    IzzymaiIzzymai4 meses atrás
  • Fun fact there talking about there period

    Tea X CookieTea X Cookie4 meses atrás
    • When the fuck I write thus

      Tea X CookieTea X Cookie2 meses atrás
  • Vean El audio

    Daniel VillegasDaniel Villegas4 meses atrás

    hi personhi person4 meses atrás
  • Hi Ariana Grande Lady Gaga😊

    Gilbert SovarzoGilbert Sovarzo4 meses atrás
  • Hi🙂🤩

    Gilbert SovarzoGilbert Sovarzo4 meses atrás
  • avengers 4 trailer

    luis locoluis loco4 meses atrás
  • I need to hear this song in the cluuurbs! 😅☝🏽

    Covered By NobantuCovered By Nobantu4 meses atrás
  • im a dude and i vibe to this

    Daniel AxelrodDaniel Axelrod4 meses atrás
  • Two of my top 3 pop singers together. A dream come true.

    Ash DeMiloAsh DeMilo4 meses atrás
  • *weather reporter in 2050*

    bakedcoffeebakedcoffee4 meses atrás
  • this is how rain sounds in planet chromatica

    Ethan BwiiEthan Bwii4 meses atrás
  • To anyone saying this is a song you play when the homies aren't around. Get yourself gay homies! *Life is too short*

    Jakob WhaleJakob Whale4 meses atrás
  • Still got *Chromatica on repeat.* I'm not even gonna lie. *I'm GAY.*

    Jakob WhaleJakob Whale4 meses atrás
  • This song is perfect because my girlfriend is obsessed with Lady Gaga and I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande and we can have a twerk-off/duet

    Leidy RodriguezLeidy Rodriguez4 meses atrás
    • @Nyar ttaffom I'm a girl.

      Leidy RodriguezLeidy Rodriguez2 meses atrás
    • Are you a gir) or boy?

      Nyar ttaffomNyar ttaffom2 meses atrás
  • Minha música favorita RAN ON ME

    Clarice vitóriaClarice vitória4 meses atrás
  • Water like Missouri

    A Returning DogA Returning Dog4 meses atrás
  • Love you bitch 😘

    Bella LorieBella Lorie4 meses atrás
  • Jamming this song in car max volume in the rain!

    CameraMan66CameraMan664 meses atrás
  • And I’m obsessed with this

    ext0bearext0bear4 meses atrás
  • When I’m taking a shower I listen to this!?

    ext0bearext0bear4 meses atrás
  • This is such a great song 😍

    Teera XoTeera Xo4 meses atrás
  • darius rucker

    Alice DiazAlice Diaz5 meses atrás
  • The gay anthem 😭💇🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️

    Bruhv PeriodBruhv Period5 meses atrás
  • I love this song

    Nicole BakoussisNicole Bakoussis5 meses atrás
  • These are two voices I’d never thought I’d hear together I love this one hundred percent

    Chantel WhaleyChantel Whaley5 meses atrás
  • LASWEIt is a love me the make in my name is awaited for making me so much to make a profile where

    nogivinginnogivingin5 meses atrás
  • piekna jestes

    Zły PetZły Pet5 meses atrás
  • This is the Gaga dance pop song that we needed and I've been waiting for this collab to happen for years and it didn't disappoint. Their voices together is just incredible and this new Gaga era is already turning out to be extra iconic. Both woman put so much heart in their music and to see them come together to give us such an upbeat and fun song to dance to with everything going on is really awesome. I can't get enough of Ariana's riffs and runs in this song too and we covered Ari's new song “Stuck With U” on my channel, hope you will watch it. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we found the song of Summer 2020.

    tenorbudstenorbuds5 meses atrás
    • Yes.

      Kimberly FloresKimberly Flores4 meses atrás
  • Hate this song with a passion every day this song plays at work 🙃

    Warriorbeast13Warriorbeast135 meses atrás

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse5 meses atrás
  • Love it

    Meli ButeraMeli Butera5 meses atrás
  • I love

    Meli ButeraMeli Butera5 meses atrás
  • 💖

    Andri VidamAndri Vidam5 meses atrás
  • Love it I like when you said it’s coming down on me !!!!

    Leanna SmothermanLeanna Smotherman5 meses atrás
  • why does the intro sounded like the ones in fallout shelter lol

    hana kimhana kim5 meses atrás